633 Mini Totalising Time Counter

The Hengstler 633 miniature time counter is particularly suited to applications that require small dimensions, quiet operation and low power consumption; they are ideal for small apparatus and suitable for panel attachment or printed circuit board mounting.

No setup or programming is involved, small mounting dimensions, low power consumption and maintenance-free operation make this product an ideal choice for many elapsed timing applications.

Choose between an AC powered 6 digit panel mount display (99999.9h) or a DC powered 7 digit display (99999.99h), options also include mounting, display orientation and connection types for DC powered versions.

Supply voltages are: 5V, 12V and 24V DC or 24V, 115V and 220V AC (50Hz / 60Hz). The connection is either screw terminals, connecting cables, solder pins or wiring posts depending upon the version selected.