52 Series Pneumatic Timer

The set and Forget 52 series pneumatic timers are ideal for applications where the time preset is set once and rarely adjusted; they are configured as ON delay or OFF delay timing with connections to the side or the underside of the device.

Timing options are 0.5 to 60 seconds, 1 to 120 seconds or 3 to 180 seconds.

Based on a reservoir and diaphragm design, there are few moving parts; there is no process display, the time remaining to output is not visible; it is a rugged product with excellent repeatability and suited to many arduous applications that demand continued reliability.

On applying pressure to the timing control port, the timing sequence begins, on completion of the time preset the valve switches providing ON delay or OFF delay timing. The timing mechanism and valve automatically reset after removal of pressure from the timing control signal port.

Set and Forget pneumatic timers can be base mounted, or by using the two M3 female threaded inserts located on the top cover of the timer, can be installed into a panel.

This product when used within its design parameters, does not have the potential for ignition, therefore can be used within an ATEX environment, product group IIG/IID, category 3, zones 2 & 22, not downhole or mining applications which require full independent certification.

Find ATEX declaration of conformity certificates here.